Race Weekend

Runners/walkers :

Entry to RCMP Drill Hall  - MUST USE THE 11th AVE. Entrance. 

Under no circumstances will you be allowed enter the RCMP grounds at any other entrance. You must enter only through 11th Ave  Entrance.
All bags will be checked.  NO EXCEPTIONS .

 If you are not comfortable with a search you have the right to refuse, but you will not be allowed on base to run.

ANY ITEM that is deemed searchable by RCMP staff /cadets will be searched. This may include:  bags, bundle, purse, laptop or briefcase, backpack, coat wrapped in a ball, coat, or your person.

Take heart, it is quick and helps ensure everyone has a safe and fun run.

Check the race information for details of arrival times and race start times.

After clearing the bag check there will be a table inside to drop your belongings with a volunteer to watch over.


Limited parking on base and is accessed only through the 11th Ave entrance. 

Parking is also available along 11th Avenue but pay attention to bus stops, etc.  There is also parking on the residential streets surrounding the base .

Parking is available in the ball-diamond area located across the train tracks. The walk from the ball diamonds is 1.5 kilometers which equates to 13 city blocks.


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